We would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to Bellevue Dental Practice. We are a well established dental practice and are proud of the service we offer our patients.We provide NHS and Private Dental Care and it is our practice philosophy to promote dental health at all times with an emphasis on preventive care.We aim to create a safe, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in which to to care for you.We aim to treat you as we would our own families, with your best interests in mind at all times.
We offer wide range of treatment from simple NHS treatments to advanced cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. We may suggest referral to a specialist where we are unable to provide treatment.


You have probably heard or read that dentistry has ‘returned to normal’. In reality, this is certainly not the case. It is true that, for patients not displaying COVID symptoms, or self-isolating, dental treatment is now possible to access. But there are significant barriers to ‘normal’ dental treatment under normal situations. 

Social distancing greatly limits the number of patients we can see daily. Usually, with 3 dentists working, we would have about 60 patients a day in our practice. Currently, under restrictions, we are limited to 10 patients per dentist and only 2 dentists daily. At best, we can only see about one third of our normal through-put.

There are also strict controls over the use of the high speed drill (which we use for most procedures) or the ultrasonic scaler (used for dental cleanings). These tools need to be cooled with a water spray which results in an aerosol being produced. This aerosol, in theory, could harbour potentially infective viruses or virus particles. We therefore have to wait for some time after using these tools for the aerosol to settle and then disinfect the work surfaces and chair before we can admit another patient to the surgery.

Taken alongside social distancing, it is clear that allowing for this ‘fallow time’ after drilling or scaling further reduces our capacity for treating patients.

For these reasons we are generally not carrying out ‘routine’ examinations or scalings at this time. The backlog created during the lockdown is still being worked through. We also have to prioritise the daily emergencies that occur. Currently, a ‘routine’ examination would use up a slot that could be used more effectively to deal with a true problem or emergency.

Please be assured that you will always be seen if you are in pain, have a swelling, need a broken tooth repaired or a crown re-cemented or have any other concerns.

Please be courteous to our reception staff who will do their best to accommodate you.


Patient Letter